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B. Down (a.k.a. Maserati Nick) is a rap artist/producer, and founder of the Los Angeles based independent label, Rap Junkie Records (ASCAP).

B. Down's first album, "B. Down, The L.A. Rap Junkie," was released in December of 1998, and featured the single "L. A. Rap Junkie," which gained popularity in L.A. and the Bay Area with the lowrider crowd and others. Guest appearances on the album included Poppin' Fresh, an independent rapper from the Bay Area, and Homie-D from East Los Angeles. The initial pressing sold out rather quickly, as did the second pressing, and all this was done strictly through street promotion, local performances in Los Angeles, consignments, and direct sales.

In the Summer of 2000, the second B. Down album, "RAP TACTICS," was completed, and helped secure distribution for Rap Junkie Records through a number of distributors. With distribution in place, the "Rap Tactics" album became more accessible to fans throughout the West Coast, and helped boost B. Down's popularity quite significantly. Primary singles on Rap Tactics included "GAME (featuring Blue Steel, Richie-B, and Gold)," "CHICKEN HEADS (featuring Poppin' Fresh)," "L. A. EASTSIDE (featuring Homie-D)," and DEFINITE CONNECTS (featuring Poppin' Fresh & J. Dandridge)." B. Down's improved production skills, the variety of guest artists, and stronger promotion and distribution resources combined to make RAP TACTICS a very successful release, and it's popularity continues today amongst fans of underground rap music that appreciate the hunger that hustling, independent artists display.

In 2001, the first Rap Junkie Records compilation CD, "B. Down Presents: Independent Game," was released. It included some familiar artists from previous B. Down albums, including Poppin' Fresh and J. Dandridge, along with a roster of others from Los Angeles and the Bay Area. With B. Down featured on the majority of the tracks either rapping or producing, AllMusicGuide.com said it was virtually a new B. Down solo album. The compilation was quite successful in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and also in Japan, where the popularity of West Coast Rap and lowriding helped boost B. Down's overseas popularity.

The third B. Down solo album, "WELCOME TO LOS ANGELES," and a second compilation, "B. Down Presents: Independent Game, Volume 2," followed in 2002.

Welcome To Los Angeles was a true solo album, with B. Down doing all of the production and lyrics, and no guest appearances whatsoever. This was a significant move in a climate where most artists were releasing albums with so many guest appearances that they appeared more like compilations than solo CDs. The results were positive, as the album was strongly embraced in the L.A. area. Hit singles on the CD included "Chrome Deez," "I'm Takin' Over," and the title track, "Welcome To Los Angeles."

Next in 2007 was B. Down's 4th solo album, "The Legend of Nickmata," which featured songs like Uh Huh, Nickmata, Goals, and G.I.P.

B. Down's 5th solo album, Ever Since A Youngster, was released in May of 2013, and is available at iTunes and on CDbaby.com

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B. Down - Ever Since A Youngster on iTunes

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